About Us

ScholarshipDetective is the new way to find scholarships.
  • No more answering pages and pages of personal questions.
  • No more registering just to do a simple search.
  • No more relying on wonky algorithms to make matches.
Now you find scholarships just like you find anything else on the Internet. Enter a few key words or sentences and click "search." View your results and visit the scholarship providers directly. Then you decide if the scholarship is right for you. Easy and accurate.

ScholarshipDetective is currently in beta which means you may encounter some bugs. We'd love to get your feedback so please send us email with your bug finds, comments and feedback for improvement.

To celebrate our impending launch we are offering a $1,000 Scholarship. We hope you agree that ScholarshipDetective is the new way to find scholarships and we wish you best of luck. Enjoy!

--Team ScholarshipDetective